Baiba Purins


Baiba PurinsMy name is Baiba Purins. I was born in Stockholm 1945. My parents are Latvian

I used to work in advertising. Now I express myself through my art. Since 2010 I live in Brantevik, just south of Simrishamn in Österlen.
My art reflects the magic in life, exploring the treasure to discover just below the surface, the greatness of all the small things.
My sculptures are small format. I use simple materials like papier-maché, textile, glass, metal and things I find hidden away and forgotten. In my hands they are transformed to new life, recreated. I also work with graphics and paintings, mostly in oil and acrylic .

Maybe you will see what I see. Or you will have your own vision.
It´s magic. Welcome to Another World !

Pop Up Gallery

Some days, my pop up gallery pops up at Elnagatan 3 in Brantevik. If my signs are visible on the street outside, please pop in to watch my art. If you want to book a private viewing, send me an e-mail: